Being a Lover - Invitation

In 2012 I wrote a short piece on my blog about sex which attracted so much interested that I included it in my book, Being a Wife. Since then I have had questions and comments come in from all over the world about this subject as it seems to be a bit of a taboo subject in Christian circles. In fact, when Christians do seem to talk and write about it, the content is often disappointing. One such article written by a well known Christian author and speaker contained ten suggestions to spice up her love life. She suggested things like cute notes in his lunch box and leaving sweet messages on his pillow along with other such sweet sentiments. Of course that is really sweet but what men and woman want to know about is SEX.
     I can assure you that men might appreciate sweet notes if it is followed by wild sex but sweet notes on their own will do little for your marriage. Sex is marriage. Sex is what makes you married and sex is what keeps you married. I have never heard of a man that has left his wife saying, “...but the sex was great.” No man will walk away from a marriage with great sex, why would he?
     On the other hand women need to learn to enjoy sex. Too many women endure sex or enjoy it occasionally. God intended for both the man and women to experience extreme, pleasurable intimacy through sex. It was God’s idea. God’s ideas are always good and if you are not experience something that is good then you are not doing it God’s way.
    I would like to invite you... challenge you, to explore what God has to say about sex and also get down to some of nitty gritty how to’s that Christians don’t usually talk about. We will begin our Being a Lover Series at our Girl's Nights and right here on our blog.  Please add this blog to your safe list on your browser or your safety filters might block these posts. 

Find out more about Being a Lover here or get in touch to host your own Girl's Night.

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