Monday & Tuesday... Joy, Alarm Clocks & Babies

My morning coffee had barely been absorbed when it all started! One band member had over slept and wasn't going to get to the studio on time. Stress started mounting and quick thinking was required to get things on track. Contact the other band member and change plans, get Daniel & Amy ready earlier than planned and rush out the door to the baby sitter. Check. OK we can do this. Stress mounting, baby food flying, not quite the same excitement as yesterdays recording day. More bad news, the baby sitter wasn't answering the door, now what? There is no way we can record a CD with two little people running around. Time is ticking, stress is mounting and plans are falling apart. There is no excitement at all about today, what a enormous change from yesterday. It's as if Monday was the high and Tuesday we all came crashing down to a low.

Well that's how Tuesday of last week started. Tomorrow we are back at the studio so I thought I would wrap up my tales from last Monday & Tuesday! One final things that I learned was is not to loose your joy - No MATTER WHAT! The devil has come to steal, kill and destroy and he hates joy and peace and all other good things. In the car on the way to fetch the late band member I had a revelation! It is more important to keep the joy and team spirit alive that be
at the studio on time. Yes we might arrive ten or twenty minutes late but how we arrive will affect our entire day! So I made a decision to 1) cover the band member that had accidentally overslept and 2) do whatever was in my power to keep the joy and awesome relationship between the team members alive! That was what was truly important, much more important than arriving at nine o' clock on the dot.

The stress lifted, the joy returned and we joked and laughed all the way to the studio. By the time we arrived all was well and we had a great day :) A simple decision to cover each other and to have fun was the difference between a stressful day and a wonderful day! Soon you will be able to hear the CD and I am convinced you will feel the spirit of joy that was in us during these days of recording! We are back in the studio tomorrow for a final session, please pray for us. xxx


  1. Anonymous7.7.10

    Such a great point...how you arrive is more important than when you arrive. I LOVE that!

  2. Anonymous15.9.10

    Great point indeed!!! Not easy though!!!