Darkness to Light

You are going to have a good laugh when I tell you about this song! It's not the sort of inspiration you would expect for a worship song. Eric & I had an argument, I have no idea what about, probably nothing important. I was left feeling so frustrated and didn't want to do or say something stupid so kept it all inside. Feelings of disappointment lured over me and I knew I had to have some sort of release or I was going to explode. I picked up my note book and began scribbling a song, and then another and then yet another. All in all I wrote six complete songs that night and then fell soundly asleep! Of course I never expected to use the songs for anything, I just knew in my heart that I needed to do something positive rather than destructive with the way I felt. Most of all I was disappointed in myself for not being the lovely wife that I really wanted to be and knew that the only way I was going to be free from my selfish nature was with Jesus help. When I showed Eric the songs he said that we could use them, which totally surprised me. So with his help we fixed up Darkness to Light so it could be sung in church. You have the added bonus of reading the original version of the song, a definite reflection of that nights melancholy...

I can't keep doing this
Will I win this fight
Still I keep running
Away from the night

Try & try & try again
to fight off this cloak
How can I be free
and end this great yoke

You died for my freedom
Your strength is in me
Bring on Your kingdom
So desperately I plea

I declare You as Lord of my life
To You I surrender
Only You have the power
You are the only way to be free
for always, forever, for eternity

A new day has dawned
My life is made new
Your great love saved me
Jesus thank you for You

Of course the song words are very different now but I thought it would be fun to share where it all started.

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