Close to You

There is no long story behind this song, I wrote it out of a simple, yet desperate desire to be closer to God. It's quite a long song so I took a clip out of the middle for you to listen to. In this song I am singing along with Lorah doing the most beautiful harmonies. Enjoy.

If your Church would like to use our songs they are all registered with CCLI or you can buy the CD & songbook direct from me, let me know your email address is the comment box below and I will give you more info. Have a great weekend. xxx


  1. Anonymous18.7.10

    Beautiful! I love this Angela. I turned up the computer speakers to listen to the song and my little boy started dancing...it was a sweet moment...worshipping together. :)

    Love you and what a wonderful CD!!

  2. Anonymous19.7.10

    That is so precious Jana, thanks for sharing that with me. As soon as the CD is ready I will send one to you :)