God of the Universe

As you can probably tell from previous blog posts, we are releasing a CD soon! It has been a very exciting journey which leaves me with one thing on my mind to blog about at the moment! All of us in D7 Band have contributed to the album so I thought I would share the story behind some of the songs.

God of the Universe was written in 2005 and was inspired by a massive tree that stood in front of our home, which you can see part of in the clip above. I looked up at this tree and thought how huge it was and then by comparison how big God must be. This left me with a great sense of awe at the sheer size of God & the universe that He created. I imagined myself as a little person standing at His feet looking up at Him, just as I had stood at the bottom of this tree and looked up at it. In the midst of this awe I saw myself as a cheeky little girl standing at His feet saying in total confidence of His love for me; "Here I Am"! It was as if I knew how big God was but I also knew that I was His daughter and He was calling me to Himself.

At the time I never saw myself as a songwriter and definitely not as a singer. I simply loved God and loved spending time in worship. At times I wrote down the songs I would sing to Him just for fun, but I had never shown them to anyone until we needed songs to sing at Church last year. Never, ever, did I think they would end up on a CD. This is the first of the simple songs I had written down. In this clip my lovely daughter Lorah is singing & I am doing backing vocals.

The video above has a short clip of the song, the full song & songbook will soon available to purchase through www.d7music.co.uk

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