Hold on to Your Joy

I have noticed lately that joy is really precious but sadly it is easily lost. I have happy moments but what I would really like is a joyful lifestyle. In the Bible there are verses that say that our "joy may be full". I really long for that, that my joy may be full. It sounds secure and constant, to me it is not a fleeting moment but it is a lifestyle. In the Bible in Galatians 5:22-23 it speaks of joy as being a fruit of the Spirit, so how do we get the fruit of the Spirit? Like any fruit from any tree, it has to grow from a seed & over a period of time & in the right season. John 15: 4 gives us a key and that is to abide in Jesus.

So these are the things I am considering in order to lead a joyful lifestyle:

1) What things in my life bring me joy?
2) What of these things conflict with my priorities in my current season?
3) What of these things are actually unhealthy & will produce bad fruit in my life?
4) What of these things are going to produce good fruit in my life & complement the season of my life?

It seems so simple doesn't it? We simply have to love God, rely on God, love each other & hang out with each other. This will give us a joyful life... what do you think, any ideas?


  1. Anonymous9.6.10

    You make my joy complete my love!

  2. I definitly find that spending time with God brings me the most joy :) Even if its only 10 mins :) Also spending time with my friends an family :) :)

  3. Anonymous14.6.10

    Gosh. I found your blog through googling Fanny Adams Blagdon and I am beginning to feel I was guided here by you know who. I have lately been evaluating my life, my prioties, my friends/frenemies and here you are, like a guide or councellor really getting me to think straight, to see the real point and not the fluffy distracting stuff. Thank you Angela, Gayna x

  4. Anonymous14.6.10

    Thanks for your comment Gayna, I am so thrilled that my ramblings on this blog are helpful to you. Life is full of fluffy distracting stuff and so very wonderful when you find a way to get rid of it all and truly start living! I have only really begun to truly live my life and am totally loving it, I hope you find the same freedom and joy that I have discovered :)


  5. Anonymous14.6.10

    Thank you too my wonderful husband and daughter for your comments, always nice to have you views too :)