A God Shaped Hole

I have been so very inspired lately, much more than usual! It's so wonderful finally realising who I am and what God wants from me in this life. I have often longed for this kind of freedom in my life and for years have felt so trapped. At the time I couldn't quite identify what it was that trapped me but I knew I wasn't free. For most of my life I was trapped in insecurity and at other times I was lost and couldn't figure out my true identity. Other seasons I found myself trapped in sin and in other seasons I was trapped in busyness. The list could go on forever but in each season of my life I have desired the freedom that I know God desires for me too. Finally I have begun to taste that freedom. I know it is only the beginning too, how exciting, there is so much more to come. The Bible says in John 8:36 that if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. This is the freedom I always desired, the indeed sort of freedom ha ha.

The truth is, there is a God shaped hole inside all of our hearts. We try and fill it with things, careers, husband, children, some people even resort to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, etc. The more we try the more we realise that we can never truly fill that space with earthly things. No human being and no material thing will ever fit into that part of our heart. The people that seem so happy on the outside are often the ones who cry themselves to sleep at night. The emptiness consumes them and the lack of meaning in their life leaves them feeling tired. I know because I have been there for way too many years. I have been a Christian for 18 years and only now have I begun to taste the freedom and love for life that I have always desired. Looking back I see now that it was a journey, an amazing and many times painful journey, but a necessary journey.

If you feel like I used to and feel the emptiness inside of your heart as your read this, let me tell you a little secret. Nothing but the pure love of Jesus is enough to fill that space. It's not a religious thing. or about rules. It's nothing at all like that. It's a relationship, a journey, an adventure and a beautiful romance! You might not understand what I am talking about right now, but if you haven't ever begun this incredible journey may I sincerely recommend that you do. Your life will never be the same again and you will know freedom from all the things that stop you from truly living. The first step is easy, open your heart and ask Jesus to come into your life and to fill that place. He died for your freedom. Don't let His death be in vain, don't live a life in bondage. Accept His precious sacrifice by simply saying thank you to Him and allow Him a place in Your life. If you are not sure how to get started here is a simple prayer that you can pray. If you pray this prayer please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you and celebrate this special moment with you. xxx

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you so much for dying for my freedom :) I know I haven't really given you a chance in my life but I want to change that and turn from the lifestyle that I have been living. I want You to be a part of my life starting right now. Please set me free.



  1. Angela...great to meet you!!! Love connecting with others on the blog world!
    Steph T.

  2. Anonymous19.6.10

    Beautiful Post Angela! I loved knowing that God has brought you into such a wonderful, long lasting freedom!! Thank you for sharing this with us...it is inspiring!!

  3. Love your new blog look, Angela! This post is precious. I love what God is doing inside you. You are contageous!

  4. Anonymous19.6.10

    Thanks so much Melody, Bishopswife & Steph for your lovely comments. It's such a joy and privilege to be sharing this journey with you :)


  5. Anonymous19.6.10

    Great post. Finding our identity in Christ is vital if we want to live out our potential.