Marriage Tip #10 - Be Thankful

I wrote thankful & not grateful for this tip as I realised the importance of saying thank you. Especially for the little things. Sometimes I feel grateful when I see Eric do something for me but I have to remind myself that he doesn't know I am feeling grateful. It's so important to express gratitude by saying thank you. Lately I have been making a point of noticing the small things as I have been taking them for granted and even worse - I have started to expect things that I used to be grateful for. That's not nice & that can damage our marriage! Like my nice cup of coffee in the morning. I am so grateful that Eric brings me coffee but it has become a bit of a habit now and I have started expecting it. So just to make sure I don't become ungrateful and expect this nice treat I make sure I say thank you and from time to time I get up before him and make him a nice cup of tea.
A while ago Daniel & I didn't feel very well at all so Eric took care of us, did the grocery shopping, took Daniel to the doctor and took care of a whole lot of things. I made sure I said thank you for every single thing he did that day as I know he sacrificed his whole day to take care of us. I never want to take any of what Eric does or who is for granted so I constantly say thank you because I am truly grateful for the wonderful man that he is.

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