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Fanny Adams Vintage

May I, with great enthusiasm, introduce one of our King's Daughter's to you. Her name is Jane Massam and she is the founder of Fanny Adams Vintage! It is such a treat to have Jane on our blog and I am sure you will find her story very inspiring - it's a rags to riches story.

Jane was at a point in her life where she wasn't sure exactly where God was leading her. Like most women Jane had girlish dreams of meeting and marrying her prince charming, having a bunch of children and settling down in their gorgeous country cottage home. Prince charming did come and whisk Jane off of her feet and soon after a country home was miraculously given to them. What a great start to a fairly tale life - a lovely husband and a mortgage free home.

Sadly the life that Jane planned didn't quite go according to the fairy tale plan, through many years of struggle and heartache it became apparent that it was a possibility that Wes and Jane were not going to be able to start a family of their own. It was in this season, when trying to make some sense of it all that Jane cheered herself up by making unique clothes for herself using vintage fabric trims and buttons. Friends and even passers-by in the street, would stop her and ask where she had bought her gorgeous bags or clothes. Many enquiries and many orders later she started cardigan parties where she would show off and sell her latest designs. One thing led to another, which led to her making 300 hand trimmed cardigans for none other than Cath Kidston.

It suddenly dawned on Jane that perhaps God wanted to her to pursue this talent that He had given her! Yes it did take a good few years for the penny to drop but it has dropped now and Jane has opened a fantastic shop in the gorgeous village of Blagdon where she sells the best organic, fairtrade coffee in England along with her creative jacket and cardigan designs. Her shop also showcases local items and even boasts a man corner with bits and bobs to keep the men busy while the women shop.

When visiting Jane recently and enjoying her amazing coffee, she said that she feels like this shop is her baby. I truly agree with Jane, she has given birth to a different sort of baby that will keep her awake some nights and I am sure will give her much delight over the years. You are an awesome woman of God who has taken a graceful swing at the curve balls that life has thrown you and come out on top. I truly admire you and all you have done with your life Jane and know that many women are going to look to you for encouragement, comfort and perhaps even help as they face difficult life circumstances. May God richly bless you and your business as you take these women under your wing and show them how to navigate their way through life’s storms.

To find out more about Jane browse her website


  1. Anonymous2.6.10

    Hi Angela,

    I am writing about Fanny Adams Vintage on my new little blog and today I forgot to take a photo of the outside of the shop. Also Jane was in her running gear so was V camera shy. Goodness knows why as she looked fab and fresh. Could I post your photo from your lovely blog which I have linked in my post?

    Gayna x

  2. Anonymous2.6.10

    Hi Gayna,

    Of course you may use the image, I am sure Jane would really appreciate the support :)


  3. Anonymous5.6.10

    Thank you so much! I shall publish my post now. x

  4. I met the lovely Jane at the Bristol vintage fair recently, so have also mentioned her on my blog! Lizzie

  5. Just been to Blagdon and the gem of a shop Fanny Adams Vintage. Bought a gorgeous knitted bunny for a new babe (beautiful craft for the price of a box of smoothies) This shop should be in a Green guide-not to be missed


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