It Has Always Been There... Inside of Me

I can honestly say that I have never loved life as much as I do now - not ever! The things I am doing, the people I am meeting, the purpose to each day and the sense of destiny is incredible. As I sat pondering on how happy I am and how amazing life is something occurred to me. All this time my potential has been inside of me! I know that sounds obvious, but think about it for a minute. In order to have such joy and contentment, in order to live such an amazing life, all I have to do is be me. The more I discover what is already inside of me, the more amazing my life becomes. Some of what comes from inside of me had to be developed and matured and that required a process through the seasons of life. For example, I look at my role in church as executive pastor, and see that the years working as a project coordinator in a large London based construction company served as my season of preparation! I could not do what I am doing now as well as I am if I didn't embrace that season. I also see that the years of working my heart out on my own business also served as preparation for this season of church planting. Everything I needed has always been inside of me but I needed each season of my life to develop and mature it.

Perhaps you are not quite feeling fulfilled and content, do your best to embrace the season that you find yourself in right now as it may be essential for your next season. I loved life in each of the season but this is by far the best season ever. Perhaps I wouldn't fully be enjoying this season if I didn't fully enjoy those past season and embrace them and do my best in them. Even the rough seasons have served their purpose , if it weren't for them too I would never have made it through to this incredible stage of my life.

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