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Depression Warning Signs

It is with great sadness that I share a story with you today about a friend of mine. This is what she wrote to me about her sister:

"It's so puzzling but she seems to have had some sort of mental breakdown which may have built up over a long period of time and to be honest I hadn't really spoken to her in a couple of months and was completely unaware of the situation until her husband called in tears. I went over there for four days. The second day I was there she had to be hospitalised because she hadn't eaten at all. She wouldn't say a word and apparently wasn't speaking for a week or two before this happened, just a word here and there. I spoke to her for hours on end and she just wouldn't say a word but would make eye contact. I'm pretty sure she understands what we say. Anyway she's in a psychiatric hospital now (I can't believe this), will actually be 2 weeks on Friday she'll have been there. When she got there they gave her medication and over the weekend she improved dramatically, still wasn't talking much and ignored a lot of what we said but was smiling and said a few sentences.
She's normal otherwise - making tea, changing clothes, reading etc. It's so odd. Especially with her kids who she loves to death and would never be away from for more than 24 hours, it's as though she's just not cared or detached. This last weekend I went down and she didn't say a word to me the whole afternoon I was there, wouldn't come out of her room and wasn't making eye contact at all. Apparently she hadn't eaten for 3 days but ate yesterday. She's refusing to take her medication completely this week which is why I think she's gone bad again. She doesn't talk to the medical staff and wouldn't see the doctor, so they all don't know how to help if she won't speak. The doctor will see her on Thursday again and hopefully she can respond this time so they can give her the help she needs.

Would really appreciate it if you could remember her in your prayers. I think over the years she has also overburdened herself with the homeschooling, taking care of my brother who lives with her and had issues of his own, issues with church and general life (marital problems although nothing major, mostly financial and I guess some stuff they didn't agree on - small stuff really)."

King's Daughters, please would you all pray for her, this Thursday mentioned above is this Thursday, 27th. Depression can hit anyone, it is essential to understand some of the warning signs and I will share some of my personal experiences with you in my next post. In the meantime please join me in prayer for this family.


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