My Bedside Table

A bit random I know, but I thought it would be fun to Blog my bedside table! You can tell a lot about a person from their bedside table :) On my bedside table is my Bible, journals, notebooks (because I often can't sleep as I think too much so have to write things down during the night) & the books I am reading (Battlefields of the Mind - Joyce Meyer, Stop Acting Like a Christian & Just Be One - Christine Caine & I'll Have what She is Having - Bobby Houston). One of the journals is a journal of the journey of our church, I love our church and what God is doing & when I feel discouraged I read through that journal & look at all the photos & see all the beautiful people that God loves & my courage to 'press on' returns. I have a little teddy on my bedside table, Sam (Lorah's exceptionally amazing boyfriend) gave that to me one Christmas - his mom probably chose the gifts but never-the-less I like it (and I like Sam - he is so kind to Lorah & is doing amazing things for God in our church). I also have my three favourite perfumes on my bedside table, all gifts from amazing people in my life! I have a candle, actually we have lots of candles in our room, Eric & I enjoy candle light. Lastly I have a little butterfly bag that I keep bits & bobs in, you know like nail file, pens, nail polish, etc.

So what can you tell about me from my bedside table? Send your photo of your bedside table to me with some info & I will Blog it or leave a comment in the box about your bedside table. What a fun way to start the week, have a great week & remember '
Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.' Psalm 37:4


  1. Great idea darling, great resources! My next post is going to be called "My Desk"!

  2. I love this post lol so random but cool :) I dont have a bedside table :\ (have pity lol) but there is a pile of stuff next to my bed which includes:
    Lamp, Bible, Notebook, Whatever Book I am currently reading and a box piled fulla random junk and college stuff :)