Being Free - The Story of the Infirmed Woman

I have decided to start a section for my sermons so that they are available to you should you be interested in something a bit more than my posts. I don't preach often so there won't be much to listen to from me & I am not very good at preaching so it won't be as awesome as Eric's messages, never-the-less I will keep an archive of them under the category called "my sermons" should you ever want to have a listen :) To start us off I thought I would add a sermon I did a few weeks ago in our Strength & Beauty Series called Being Free.

My heart's desire is that women (and men) realise who they are and are no longer robbed from their identity because they made a small mistake somewhere in their life or were victim of something horrible at some point. Even though the things that happened were horrible, they do not dictate who you ARE. No matter what has happened or no matter what you have done, here are some truths about who you ARE:

You are forgiven
You are clean
You are loved
You are God's favourite
You are holy
You are free
You are accepted
You are worth dying for

Hold on to what is true, say the above phrases out loud every day until you believe them more than you believe the lies that the enemy tries to tell you. Is the life you are living worth the death Jesus died? Come on girls, fight with me to be free women! I am on a journey too, so together let's be all we can be, a beautiful army of princesses shining for Jesus and showing our world how to live this precious life that Jesus gave to us. Listen to the full message here.

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