Autumn Leaves

It's definitely autumn, isn't it! Today I raked up all the leaves in our garden & then simply had to play in the big pile of leaves - I just couldn't resist. It wasn't that long ago that I was panicking about not being ready to say good bye to summer but now I am enjoying autumn & more determined than ever to enjoy each season in my life :) Life is too short no to. Have a great week & if you are doing anything fun to enjoy autumn let us know about it in the comment box below. x


  1. its nice to see lots of photographs of you on each of the blogs :)
    U certainly look like u having fun.
    This Autumn i plan to do lots of walking in the Forest of Dean with my family, it's one of our favourite places to go , summer its full of pretty trees, spring its full of blossom and the beautiful waterfalls.Autumn is so much fun with the leaves, running through them, kicking them throwing them and skimming stones across the lake.We even looked for monkeys last time :)

  2. Anonymous26.10.09

    It is still in the 80s and beautiful here in Vegas so we are riding bikes and playing outside doing all of the things that you can't do in the summer because of the heat. I love fall too since it means good-bye to the 100plus temps.

    I also love how there is something beautiful about every season :D

  4. apart from the rain i LOVE autumn! there are SO many colours and the lighting is PERFECT for pictures, somehow the sun is ALWAYS in the right place to make all the beautiful shades of orange THAT much brighter :)
    who wants a soggy leaf fight? XD

  5. Love the post, Love the photo! It is so important to enjoy every season in life.

  6. Woo! Im up for a soggy leaf fight!! xD

  7. Anonymous28.10.09

    My autumn began when my hiking friend and I picked up our first of the season conkers on a Cotlwold walk - this was several weeks ago now. But this last weekend I went with a friend to Westonbirt Aboretum. LOTS of leaves there I assure you :)
    And such wonderful colour in the Acer plantations. But it's been a strange autumn for the deciduous trees don't you think? Most have fallen before being fully coloured up ! Ah well.