Hillsong Conference 09

I have just returned from the most incredible week in London. The Hillsong Conference was so amazing, I don't think I will be able to put it into words for you. I have not laughed & cried so much in a long time, my heart was yanked in all different directions. God is clearly wanting unity amongst us churches so that he can come back & fetch His beautiful bride. I was challenged to the core this week & I know that a huge process of change has already begun in me. Here are some thoughts that stood out for me, each one completely life changing:

Craig Groeschel: God needs to do something in me before He can do something through me.
Joseph Prince: John 6:11 ...as much as they wanted
Donna Crouch: Are you building "us" or "them & us"
Flip Flippen: Your success is my mission
Craig Groeschel: Make them one as we are one
John 17:20
Phil Dooley: What you & I judge, Jesus might find beautiful
Donna Crouch: What is the need in your city, not what program do you feel like doing to feel good about yourself?
Brian Houston: IT is finished but I am not - "When Something Is Over Don’t Stop. There’s a huge difference between the end of an era and the completion of a destiny. Rev. 22:13 says, He is the beginning AND the end. Out of every end there is a beginning. Trust Him and never underestimate what can come out of an end. When you come to the end don’t stop. The best is yet to come!"

I can't resist including this photo too, look at Christine Caine - preaching with a Vespa on stage. I just love her passion & clear message on how as a church many of us have forgotten the mission! We have moved from missional to so many other things & it's time to get back to the mission of reaching the lost for Jesus. Matthew 28:19

It's not easy to put such an amazing experience into words, have a look at the highlights

My most amazing friend, Michelle, totally blew me away this week by taking care of Amy for the entire conference! I cannot describe my gratitude to her for this HUGE gift to me & to the entire King's Church team for making it possible for Eric & I to have this life changing week.

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  1. Just found your blog...

    Can i say i'm so jealous that you got to hear Christine Cain....
    I heard her at James River ah love that women's preaching.