The Power Of The Tongue

Eric's sermon yesterday was quite challenging wasn't it? I found myself taking note of what came out of my mouth all day and found that I had so much less to say than usual... ha ha! My aim is to make sure I keep this guard on my tongue every day and practice the "zip it" principle if I have nothing good to say. So if you notice that I am not as chatty as usual then you can be sure I am working on taming my tongue :)

This is something especially relevant to us girls. Watch yourself this week and listen to what comes out of your mouth, you may be shocked. We spend so much time dressing up to be pretty, some of us won't dare leave home without our make-up on. But have you ever considered wearing a clean mouth as a part of our dressing up? Gossip for example is one of the ugliest things a girl can "wear". I have seen us girls absolutely rip another girl to shreds in a conversation and most of the time we do it just because we are insecure about
our self and make our self feel better at their expense."Death and life are in the power of the tongue" - Proverbs 18:21

We can do serious harm to someone just by what slides off of our tongue. That is so ugly and no amount of make-up or pretty clothes can cover the ugliness that we wear when we do this. I am sure we have all done this at some point in our life but let's really think about this when we get dressed to meet up with people this week. Make a decision to dress beautifully on the inside and out, when you put on your perfume or a pretty dress also put on a nice clean mouth that won't gossip or say mean things. If your chit chat is not going to build a person up rather chit chat about something else. Make sure the absent are always safe around you.

Just a thought, hope it helps us all be more beautiful and princess-like this week.


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  1. I didn't hear Eric's sermon this week, but I am definitely going to watch what comes out of my mouth! :D