Knowing Who You Are

Have you ever blown it big time? You try so hard to be all you can be and then you just screw up and make a mistake. Those times are so very difficult, aren't they? The problem with those moments is that we let them define us, rather than keep them in their proper place. They are simply moments. Yes we failed... for that moment, yes we screwed up... for that moment, but that doesn't define who we are, it just defines a moment of weakness! If I know who I am then I can keep those moments in perspective and move on quickly but if I don't know who I am then those moments will define me.  They could form a part of my identity.

Girls, the world is full of messed up people who don't know who they are and what they want in life.  They are filled with fear, hopelessness and uncertainty. If we are going to make a difference in our world then we need to hold on to the truth about who we are and believe it wholeheartedly. The main key is knowing who our Daddy is. If we know who our Daddy is then we know who we are because we are made in His image (Genesis 1:26), we are His (Isaiah 43:1) and He is crazy about us (Psalm 17:7-9).

When we have a bad moment, we don't lose our identity to that moment. We have to stay focused on who we are, say sorry for our mistake and keep walking in the knowledge that we are daughters of the King and nothing can take that away from us. Let's walk with our heads high with confidence knowing who we are, showing others who don't yet know who they are, how it is done :)

Have a great day today, smile really big, laugh really loud and shine brightly, just because you know who you are - the daughter of the King, a true princess.


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  1. This is fab!! How many times have i defined who i am by my many mistakes and beleived i was 'that person'.
    I love knowing who i am in Christ and WOW how free we are when we truly inderstand it xx I am Freeeeeeeeeeee :0)

  2. This is fab!! We so often define who we are by our mistakes and think we are 'that person' when we just need to know who we are in Christ. I love knowing who i am in Christ it has totally set me free. WOW i love how free i am with Jesus Christ right by my side guiding me and embracing me.........loving ME for exactly who I am xx
    Thank you Father xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx