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Emotional Gravity - Emotions

Gravity is the force that pulls all matter together.   Mass is how we measure the amount of matter in something. The more massive something is, the more of a gravitational pull it exerts. As we walk on the surface of the Earth, it pulls on us, and we pull back.  Without gravity, you would float off into the atmosphere forever.  On Earth, gravity pulls objects downward toward the centre of the Earth.  It also causes any two objects in the universe to be drawn to one another.  There is a constant tension to all physical matter on earth that is required for life itself.  Without this tension there would be chaos.
      Emotional gravity is a parallel principle to earth’s gravity.  Without the constant tension of emotional gravity our emotions would be in chaos.  Sadly, emotional gravity is not as stable as earth’s gravity because unlike creation, we do have free will and it is this free will which affects our stability.  Creation has no free will.  Earth was designed a certain way and is perfect in design and everything was designed to work in perfect harmony and balance.  Human Beings were a part of the original design and there once was perfect harmony in all of creation, including human emotions.
    Sadly, free will caused one human being to make a decision that would cost all of humanity and creation to lose the perfect balance of life.  Gravity still exists but perfection does not, and in the same way emotional gravity exists but perfection does not.  Some of us suffer with severe instability in the area of our emotions and others suffer with a severe lack of emotional expression.  Very few find themselves in perfect balance in this area but all can get work towards finding the balance.  We achieve this in the same way that we lost our balance.  We use our free will, our choice.  Emotional balance can be restored once we understand the power that exists within us and the power that exists around us creating a constant tension in our lives.

Constant Tension
Constant tension might seem like an overwhelming thought but consider that it is the constant movement in the entire universe that keeps it alive.  If the movement stopped then earth as we know it would stop.  So the answer lies in the problem.  The problem is the stress that we feel by the constant tension and the solution is to have the constant tension working in harmony thereby creating peace within our souls.  For example, gravity causes the tides of the sea.  Tides are one of the most reliable phenomena in the world and they are essential to a balanced life on planet earth.  Without the tides life on earth would cease.  It would be disastrous.  The oceans drive weather patterns all over the Earth and the tides affect the surface temperature of our planet, which has to be within a certain range in order to support liquid water – a requirement for life of any conceivable kind.  Tides also clean out Earth’s rivers and streams and without this cleansing system of our waters, our water would become too polluted to support any form of life.  If the tides were too high. they would make more of the land mass unliveable and would cause shoreline erosion too which would take most of the land mass into the sea.
    Many things, too many to mention, would be affected if the tides of earth were out of sync.  The bottom line is that without the constant tension of the tides, we could not live.  Constant tension between the moon, sun and earth is necessary to create the constant movement of tides that sustain life here on earth.  This is only one of the tensions that are required to sustain life, there are so many more but the key thing is to realise that three things are required to make life on earth sustainable – the sun, the moon and the earth.  It is the tension of these three that makes our life possible.
    Emotional gravity also requires three things to be in constant tension in our life – an outside influence, an inside influence and our body which carries our emotions.  Balanced emotions come from having all three lined up in our life.  Unlike the harmony of the sun, moon and earth, we humans tend to experiment with the three things.  Thankfully, the universe doesn’t experiment by trying out different moons or stars to replace the sun!  Disaster would result if these experiments took place and in the same way, many people find themselves in a state of emotional disaster because they experiment with the three things that should be constant in our life.  Constant tension between these three things are required in order to keep emotional balance but if the three things are constantly changing how could you ever sustain constant tension?      

Three Things
Let’s take a look at the essential three things that should remain constant in our life.  Firstly, we need to have an outside influence, a higher power.  Think of this influence as the sun.  It is the largest of the three and essential to the tension balance of the three.  Secondly, we need an inside influence which is our mind.  This should be a constant that cannot change but of course it changes all the time, doesn’t it?  For illustration purposes, see this as the moon.  Thirdly, we need our body which carries our emotions and this is like the earth that carries all human life.  The tension between these three things is what causes emotional gravity or lack thereof.
      Without a sun you cannot have the gravity required to sustain life, so therefore if we stick with our parable, people who do not believe in a higher power are instantly out of sync.  I don’t want to get into this in detail at this point but let me just throw one thing out there.  It takes more faith not to believe in God than it does to believe.  Just look around at creation.  Can we honestly believe that a big bang is responsible for the miracle of reproduction or the miracle of metamorphosis for example?  Is it possible that the delicate balance of gravity and the ability for the body to heal itself is an accident or part of a creator’s grand design?  It’s very difficult to look at creation and not believe that there is a Creator, isn’t it?  I imagine that it would take a great deal of faith to believe that there is no Creator, that there is no God.  I imagine that all this energy used on not believing in a higher power is what causes a great deal of emotional instability.  But we will get to that in greater detail later, for now I just need you to accept that a higher power is one of the essential elements of emotional gravity.  Remember, it is gravity that holds everything together and emotional gravity is what holds you together.
    Our mind is the second important element.  Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to be controlled by our mind and we can change what we think.  We have power over our mind. We can decide what we think about and what we do with what we think about.  If we allow a higher being into our life, He too can influence our mind but He does not control it as we have free will.  However, He can help us think differently by reminding us of things such as truth or the importance of love.  The mind is a huge influence on our emotional stability and our mind affects how our body behaves, the actions that we take.  
    Our body is like a car, it needs to be operated.  Although it has many parts which work together perfectly in order to function, it still needs to be operated by our mind.  Some functions are automated like breathing, heartbeat, etc but other functions require specific operation.  The other two elements (sun and moon) often affect much of what our body does.  Emotional gravity affects what we do with our body and when there is instability we often do harmful or unhealthy things with our body.  Examples could be as subtle as overeating to as dramatic as murder.  All these actions conducted by our body are the result of our emotions.

Emotions are feelings.  Emotions can be extremely powerful and can often be very controlling.  Emotions by themselves are neither good nor bad but we can handle them positively or negatively.  Decisions can be made based on emotions and relationships can be formed or broken based on emotions.  Beautiful music can stir emotions to peacefulness and intense music can arouse passion or anger.  Weather affects emotions.  Sound affects emotions.  Colour affects emotions.  Jealousy is an emotion.  Guilt is an emotion.  Love can be emotional.  Without emotions we would be stripped of all pleasures and pain.  Without emotions we would have no soul.  Our emotions are an intrinsic part of our soul.  Our soul consists of our mind (intellect), will and emotions.  We will go into these three things more deeply later on but for now it’s essential to understand the relevance and importance of our emotions.  At birth we have only the startle and fear response.  All other emotions are learned as we journey through life.  Our emotions define us to a certain degree and emotional gravity is what keeps us rooted and grounded in reality.  If we have learned the emotions that we have today then it is safe to say that we can continue to learn about the emotions we have developed.    

Emotional Response Process
Let’s digress a bit and look at three more things.  These three things make up the emotional response process.

1.    Emotion
You experience an emotion which is a feeling. This feeling starts biological changes such as increased heart rate, hormonal change or pituitary adrenal response.

2.    Response
You choose a response to the emotion which starts as a thought.  Your thoughts will lead to an action, a reaction or paralysis.

3.    Action
The action that results may be a facial expression, a verbal response or a physical action.

Emotional gravity will dictate how well you respond and the action that results.  For example, someone who was raised in an angry home might have learned anger as a normal response emotion and therefore they would have an angry reaction to something said which would result in a particular action.  Someone else might have been raised in a peaceful home where things were dealt with gently.  This person would experience a different emotion when exactly the same thing was said to them.
Their response would be entirely different, leading them to a different action.  If emotions are learned as we journey through life then they can also be manipulated, changed and controlled.  Even the startle and fear response can be moulded and trained.  
This is a snippet from Emotional Gravity.  More info here or buy now on Amazon.


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