97 Days to Go - 10 Reasons to Join Us


#1 Girls need fun!  Life can get serious and you deserve a fun day out.

#2 Feel ALIVE, our aim is to take you from surviving to truly living.

#3 Relax!  We have taken care of all the cooking and cleaning.

#4 Be entertained.  We have invited the finest musicians and dancers.

# 5  Learn something new, there is always something new to learn.

# 6 Meet new people, bring along some friends and support a good cause.

#7 Encounter God and be refreshed - body, mind, spirit and soul. 

#8 Be empowered to be the woman you were born to be!

#9 Free child care.  Leave them with our fantastic kids team for the day.

#10 Grow your business by getting involved in women in business.

There we have it!  10 very good reasons not to miss out on this year's King's Daughters Conference. If you are still not convinced, let me give you another 10 good reasons:

  1. Coffee at coffee shop = £2.95
  2. Lunch for one at an average priced venue = £8
  3. Dinner at a restaurant = £10
  4. Childcare for one child for a full day = £40
  5. Music and dance show ticket = £25
  6. Motivational speaker ticket = £25
  7. Life Coach speaker ticket = £25
  8. Business networking event with speaker = £30
  9. Business exhibition entrance = £5
  10. Daughters of Davis concert = £10
Total cost of all these activities = £155.95

King's Daughters Conference ticket = ONLY £36.95!!!

Don't wait, book your place now, only 400 places available and tickets have already started selling in January.

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