Nearing Home

Never have I given growing old so much thought as I have in the past two weeks. I guess I thought I would live forever with the perfect health that I currently enjoy. Growing old was something I feared in many ways but paid very little attention to. It just seemed so far ahead that it almost seemed silly to start thinking about it now!

Well, I was wrong! Billy Graham's book, Nearing Home, is an honest look at his life and his struggle with the ageing process. Now in his 90s, he tells the truth and holds nothing back. Growing old is not easy and Billy shares many of his pains, sorrows and struggles.

He also delves into practical things such as retirement planning, financial matters and ministry issues. I can't begin to tell you how highly I recommend this book to both the young and old. 

It so happened that when I started reading this book I also started meeting with a wonderful lady called Dee from Defined Finance. I don't believe in co-incidence at all. I do however believe that God is nudging me to get my life in order. Dee has done a fantastic job of helping Eric and I sort out our insurances or protection as she calls it and I would very much like to recommend her to you too. 

You are never too young to start planning for old age. Reading Billy's book and meeting with Dee has taught me some valuable lessons. Don't take your life for granted and don't leave a mess behind for others to clean up. Putting your 'thing's in order is vitally important.  If you live in the UK, get in touch with Dee here and may I humbly recommend you all read Billy Grahams book.  It will completely change your perspective on life.

*  Nearing Home was provided to me for free by Thomas Nelson for my honest review.


  1. You are so right on with this. Also, a living will is a must. Peace and blessings.

  2. Anonymous4.4.12

    I agree. I never thought in a million years that at the age of 45 I would be diagnosed with MS and a growth near my spinal cord. We do take things for granted. Thankfully, I find that nothing is wasted with the Lord,and the last 5 years have been a massive learning curve for me.I totally agree with planning,and look forward to reading, Nearing home. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Angela4.4.12

      Thank you for sharing your story with us Sapphio, I pray God's blessing on your life. x