Over the past few weeks I have been preaching a series at D7 Church based on my book FREE.  My deep desire is that God uses my 'colourful' past and the freedom He has given to me, to help others find freedom too.  
Do you feel like you are hiding behind masks and not being your true self?  Do you live under a cloud of shame from your past?  Is fear your constant companion?  Do you know that there is more to you and more to life than you are currently experiencing?  Free covers all these issues and so much more.  
Have a read or listen to the sermon series below.  If you live in England, why not join us for one of our Girl's Nights where I will be delving into this subject some more.

Buy 'Free' here: UK, USA, AU, Kindle
Listen to 'Free' here:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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