The Wheelie Case

Have you ever been distressed because you have nothing to wear!  You know, one of those days when nothing fits, you don't feel pretty and you would rather cancel the day and go back to bed than get dressed.  Well I have those days. Now I know our clothes don't define us and our identity and beauty should not stem from what we wear, but having something nice to wear does help doesn't it?  So, I have come up with a solution to minimise those bad days.  My solution is "The Wheelie Case"!  This morning I sorted out my clothes and popped the following clothes into a wheelie case:

  1. All the clothes that are too small for me that I am hoping to fit into again one day.  These clothes just make me feel fat and depressed.  They stare at me from my drawers telling me that I can't fit into them anymore so now I am fat.  Lying clothes simply have to go - no more lies, I am not fat.
  2. All the clothes that are too big for me that make me feel thinner but make me look shabby and poor, like I can't afford clothes that fit.  These clothes lie too!  I can afford clothes that fit because God is my provider and I don't have to walk around looking shabby.
  3. All the clothes that I have been holding onto just in case I want to wear them one day. I have never worn these clothes but they just sit there taking up space for no reason.
  4. The final batch of clothes didn't make it into the wheelie case, they landed in the bin.  These clothes had holes in or stains or little defects.... why did I keep them?  
Are you wondering what I am going to do with the wheelie case?  Well, tonight is our weekly Girl's Night and I am going to let one of the women take the wheelie case home for a week and take whatever clothes they would like.  Once they have sorted out their clothing they will add some items to the wheelie case and pass it onto one of the other girls for a week and so each week one of us get to change our wardrobe for FREE!   It's so exciting, I can't wait to see what ends up in the case when it's my turn to get it again.  

Why don't you start a Girl's Night, all the notes are availalbe here and why not start your own wheelie case and pass it around.  I would love to hear your thoughts and wardrobe tips. How do you beat the wardrobe blues?


  1. That sounds like such an interesting idea! Let us know how it goes. x

  2. wow what a fun idea! I cant wait for girls night tonight!! x

  3. Jordan De Nell12.7.11

    this is lush, cant wait x

  4. Jaylene13.7.11

    I wouldn't have anything left in my closet!