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The ‘Loving Life Series covers three very important subjects that have the potential to radically change your life. 

Hope’s Journey is the first book in the series, which looks at Angela’s struggle with depression and suicide.  Only after writing this book did Angela realise that she quite possibly had bipolar disorder and was healed of it through the amazing journey that God took her on.  Her story starts by describing a life of pain, despair and hopelessness that ultimately would have lead to her suicide on more than one occasion - if God had not intervened.  Today, she lives as a free woman, no longer bound by the extreme ups and downs that she once suffered from.  Hope’s Journey covers all the practical things that Angela did to find this freedom, such as eating healthy, exercising, controlling her mind, as well as the spiritual principles that ultimately saved her life.

Secure on the Rock is a continuation of Angela’s testimony but the slant has moved from depression to focus on the effects that her relationship with her abusive father had on her.  She courageously shares the details of her abuse but then quickly shows how God healed her and helped her forgive him and love him in a way that she never knew was possible.  This moving account of a God’s love for His little girl will leave you breathless as Angela takes you on a journey deep into the Father’s heart.  Not only will you be challenged to the core but you will also fall off your chair with laughter as Angela speaks frankly about all the things that caused her deep insecurity.  Our feminine ways, not always good ways, are exposed and we are challenged to face the things in our lives that prevent us from being free to live securely on the Rock of Jesus Christ.

The saga continues in a dramatic climax to the Loving Life Series with Passion & Purity.  Passion & Purity delves into the fruit of Angela’s unstable past.  She focuses specifically on how her upbringing and poor decisions resulted in unhealthy relationships with men, including several affairs during her first marriage.  Raw emotions are exposed and God’s grace is revealed in all its fullness. Angela holds nothing back!  Her heart is placed on a platter before the reader as she allows you into her innermost struggles and deepest, darkest secrets.  The end result is an overwhelming sense of the love and mercy of our God.
     No apologies are made as she reveals how God made us girls for extravagant, wild, imaginative, adventurous, fantastic loving.   Angela openly shares with readers how her search for passion landed her in all the wrong places and how she managed to find a way back to purity despite all the odds. Today Angela has the wild, passionate adventurous living that she always craved but within the boundaries of purity.

Each book in the Loving Life Series comes with an accompanying study guide so that others can work through the same issues that Angela did and find the freedom that she found.

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