Hillsong Conference

Last night we took a group of 14 people to Hillsong Conference in London.  It's was such a lifechanging experience for all of us. We spent several hours in traffic in the mini bus, ate loads of cheese rolls and fought over which radio station to listen to but it was all worth the short time we got to spend in the conference.   Priscilla Shirer was the speaker for the evening and her message was truly amazing.  She unashamedly told us how nothing matters except Jesus and the most important thing that we can do with our life is to point people to Him. 

Although we had a long drive home and only got to sleep at 3am, I woke up refreshed in my spirit, knowing what we have to do at D7 Church.  Yes we have been a church that passionately and desperately seeks Jesus, but it's time for more.  The people of Gloucester don't need Eric or I or anyone else on team, they need Jesus.  They need His healing power, they need His word for their addictions, they need His presences that breaks every bondage and they need His love that heals every hurt.  I am committed more than ever to find a way to help the lost and hurting in this city to meet with their Saviour, if that's all I do with my life then it is a life well spent.

What are you doing with your life to make sure that it is a life that points people to Jesus?  Let's share some ideas how about how we can be more effective in this.

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  1. Hello Lady,

    I won't be able to get to Fanny's on Thursday as my two older ones are like whirling dervishes when together. They'd have all the clothes of the rails in no time! Shame as I'd love to meet you.