Girls Night Out

Last night we had our King's Daughters Girl's Night with our new friend, Wanja, at her stunning African Experience restaurant in Gloucester.  Where do I begin, it was such an awesome experience.  Let's start with the food.  Usually I don't like to eat in restaurants because of all the preservatives and nasty things that are added.  I also don't like all the oils and sugars that are used so I tend to eat at home mostly.  BUT  Wanja cooks with fresh, natural ingredients and she avoids using lots of oils and sugars.  Her food tasted just like home cooked food which was fantastic. After the meal at C & W's African Experience you are left feeling full for the entire evening because the meal is so wholesome.  We really enjoyed our meal and we will definitely be having more Girl's Night there again.

AND to add to the experience, Wanja joined us after dinner and shared her story with us.  Not only did we leave with a full tummy but a full spirit too!  Her testimony of God's goodness is amazing and I highly recommend that you visit her and ask her to share her story with you too.

They are currently in the final stages of the Barclays One Small Step Competition, please vote for them and spread the word.  Well done Charlie & Wanja, C & W's African Experience truly is an authentic African experience in every possible way.

I am so very excited because Wanja will be offering her authentic African food to our delegates at the upcoming King's Daughters Conference.  Just when you thought things couldn't get any more exciting, they did!

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  1. I so believe in ordained encounters, and this Sunday was one such when we got late to attend our church service. Rather than stay home my girls and I walked up to the D7 church that someone had once mentioned, where we were met with lots of warmth. It wasn't long before I could tell that the people here have a passion to touch people's lives, and that is what they have done at this point in my life!

    The King's Daughters from D7 church came down to our new restaurant on their weekly night out, and what a delight and blessing it was! Thank you Angela, and all of the other King's daughters! God has imparted something special in you and may He by His great mercies enable you to release it to many!

    And, we get to cater at the ladies' conference! It is such an honour and priveledge to be partnering with you at the King's Daughters Conference, and may God's mighty annointing flow heavily on the day!

    In meeting you all I have been strenghtened, for I have gained sisters, friends and well-wishers! THANK YOU, GOD BLESS YOU AND SEE YOU SOON!