Happy Mother's Day

Being a mother is the most amazing thing in the world and I am so grateful to God that I have been able to have four healthy children.  I know many women who haven't been blessed with children and their story breaks my heart.  This mother's day I want to thank God for the privilege of being a mother and I want to do this by supporting other mother's who have taken eight children under their wings in Watoto, Uganda.  These amazing women have made a decision to live in a house to love and raise children that have been left orphans by issues such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, war and some children that have been rescued from the child soldier crisis in Uganda.

Last week I had the privilege of hearing the stories first hand from some of the orphans and hear their beautiful voices sing in the Watoto Children's Choir.  My 'first world' selfishness was exposed and I was humbled by these beautiful people sharing their story of the hope that they have found in Jesus.  As I watched children lost in true worship I felt ashamed for those of us living in this country who make excuses not to go to church or don't bother to get involved in worship.  We are living in one of the richest countries in the world and have more than most people but too many find it too much of a bother to lift our hands in church and give praise to the God who gave us all these good things.  

Thank you Watoto, you have reminded me about what is important and this mother's day I dedicate to you.  Thank you to all the mothers who have dedicated their lives to raising the orphans of Uganda.  I respect you, deeply admire you and will find ways to support you.  You are truly beautiful in a way that many of us can only dream of.  It is my privilege to serve you - Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Anonymous4.4.11

    one of my favourite quotes is:
    ''our sweetest songs are those that tell our saddest thoughts''.
    What a beautiful joyous sound this choir produce for their audience in spite of the sadness of their own personal stories.