50 First Dates

If you asked Ruth what date she got saved she could probably give you 50 dates, although she doesn't remember any of them.  For the past year, every Sunday, without fail, she puts her hand up to accept Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.  It is the most beautiful thing ever!  You see, she had a car accident a few years ago which resulted in her memory not functioning as it should.  So each Sunday, when she hears the gospel, she responds as if it's her first time and accepts Jesus into her life yet again.

Have you ever watched the movie, 50 First Dates? Each day Henry must get Lucy to fall in love with him all over again, and again and again. Henry is completely smitten. But when he takes the big step of seeing her the next day, Lucy does not remember him. As the result of a past car accident, she has no short-term memory. When she wakes up after a night’s sleep, she is completely unaware of the passing of time. It is a beautiful movie that reminds me so much of Ruth.

Jesus is completely smitten with Ruth.  Each Sunday, Jesus wins her heart. He doesn't tire of loving her, and He doesn't stop bothering to win her heart.  He loves her so much and will do whatever it takes to help Ruth fall in love with Him each and every week. Each Sunday, we celebrate with her as she declares her  new found love for Jesus, again. Each Sunday is really precious and we never tire of seeing her little hand slip up during the altar call.  One Sunday I believe she will be completely healed, but in the mean time I will continue to rejoice with her new found love for Jesus each and every week.

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