Dumb Things He Does - Dumb Things She Does

To kick off our series on marriage I thought it would be fun to start with one of my favourite books on the subject. Holly has a fantastic way of saying it as it is & hitting the nail on the head. This little book is packed with enough to keep you going for your entire marriage. Eric & I read it before we got married & highlighted the bits that were important to us. It has been fun going back & rereading it over the years & seeing how some things have changed for us & how most things are still spot on.

When we were planning our life together we were excited about having a great marriage & read books like this one with great enthusiasm for how we were going to get it all right. Now several years later we run to this book & others for answers to the challenges we face. It's quite hysterical really as we both still want the same things, we still both believe the same things about marriage but somewhere along the line we realised that we are only human & make mistakes more often than not. Perhaps our ideals are shattered but our passion to get it right & have a great marriage is stronger than ever.

So now we rejoice in the good days when we get it right & we get out the books & the Bible & keep trying on the days we get it wrong. Holly's book has been fantastic in helping us keep our marriage on the right path.

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  1. A message from Holly Wagner...

    "Thanks for reading my book! I certainly hope you continue to laugh as you work on your relationships!! And thanks for wanting and working to have strong marriages! xoxo...holly"