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Priorities & Seasons

Lately I have been looking at my priorities & have noticed that it is essential to understand the season that you are in in order to set reasonable priorities. For me it has been a bit of a struggle because I have done the whole stay at home mummy thing for years & have moved on to a career & then even moved onto starting my own company. My eldest daughters are 14 & 18 but I also have two new gorgeous additions to the family who are 10 months & 3. Lately I have been feeling the tension between the busy me that has been allowed to grow as my teenagers have gotten older & the mommy with 2 babies. It's kinda like I have to go back & do it all over again. I love my babies & my teenagers & I love my life! The thing that I have been working on though is defining & understanding this season in my life. I have to reset my priorities to God, husband & children ONLY. That is how it was when Lorah & Jordan were little & that was right for me for that season. Life got busier & more interesting as they got older but now with little ones & leading a church I have had to take a very careful look at what is realistic for me in this season of my life.

As women we may have many roles that we have to play in life, but we do need to clearly define our priorities. It will help us have harmony in our life. Here is a practical example of how priorities can help us. The other day I was working on a sermon & Amy was playing on the floor near to me. She got a bit tearful after a while & crawled up to me. If I hadn't clearly defined my priories I may have been annoyed at being interrupted while working. But since I have clearly defined my priorities it was easy for me to respond to Amy with lots of love because she is the priority not the interruption. The sermon was the interruption to my priority. Does that make sense? So I can still attempt to do other things with my life, but I have to keep my priorities in place. God, my husband & my children are the priorities, I can do other things but they can't interfere with my priorities. As a church leader that is often very tricky as people tend to think that all the needs within the church are the leaders responsibility. I love our church very much, but never-the-less, if someone in church needs me & my husband or one of my children needs me at the same time it is clear that one is my priority & the other is the interruption to my priority. For example there is no point in me being out in the community all day feeding all the hungry people & then coming home too tired to cook dinner for my own family.

I really hope this makes sense & is useful to you. I have found it very freeing knowing my priorities & my season. What season are you in & have you managed to set your priorities? I would love to hear your story.


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