How you see yourself will affect how you see others!

Have you ever considered that your identity not only affects how you see yourself but also how you see others? If you see yourself in a negative way it is highly likely that you will also be very negative and critical of others. If you see yourself in a positive way you will look for the good in others. If you see the good in others you are also likely to bring out the best in them. Likewise if you see that bad in others you are likely to bring the bad out in them too. Who do you want to be? Someone who brings out the good in others or someone who brings out the bad? We all have good and bad in us so your perspective is your choice - which way are you going to look at yourself and other people! If you ever needed a reason to work on your identity and how you see yourself, this may be it. Have a big, honest look at yourself.

Decide to learn to love yourself and only then will you truly be able to love others. It is as Jesus said; "...You shall love your neighbour as yourself." - Matthew 22:39  

My prayer is that God shows me who I really am, so I can be all He made me to be, so that I can bring out the best in others.


PS The inspiring painting on today's post is by my lovely daughter Lorah :)

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