It is with great joy that I introduce my nearly 18 year old baby to you! Lorah is such a beautiful young lady that has modelled how to do the teenage years well! She has lived life to the full and enjoyed all that life has to offer without compromising her values and beliefs. I am so proud of the way she has lived her life thus far :) Lorah is a loyal friend, a great big sister to her 3 siblings and a daughter of note. If ever you need someone you can count on for just about anything it is Lorah.

Not only is Lorah an amazing person but also a very talented person. She is a beautiful dancer, singer, musician and artist. She leads the worship at our church, plays the guitar, does several forms or dance and is achieving distinction on her art BTech at Cirencester College!

There is so much more to say but I will leave that to her friends. Add your comments in the box below. 



  1. I have known Lorah for about 9 months and remember when i 1st met her at their home for a bbq :-) i also remember when she used to come to our home to practice singing and getting ready for the launch party and she was so shy and nervous and i would be the one doing all the talking ....( not much change there hee hee ) i have seen how much Lorah has grown and become so much more confident in lots of things. She is a very sweet, kind and over all lovely. Lorah is a beautiful young lady from within!!
    It has been a pleasure doing life with Lorah and being part of the worship team with Lorah.I knew i could count on her support when i wasnt feeling confident and i knew that if i made a mistake, it would be ok xx
    Thank u Lorah for being who u r and for including me in your life xx
    We have had a fair few giggles along the way - especially when we forgt the words lol
    Lorah - i remember when u looked after the children for the 1st time ever and i came back to the baby screaming because he was looking for me and ur face was a picture lol can u remember?? U did a fantastic job and the children love u also :-)
    U r doing gr8 things and may God Bless u abundantly.
    I hope that we will continue to be part of ur life x

  2. Anonymous17.6.09

    Lorah, sweet Lorah. Lovely to look at and lovely of spirit.
    Be as you are (work well but not hard) and stay as you are
    Caring, unselfish; but always remember from time to time
    To spoil yourself. Acknowledge your talents, accept your strengths
    And keep any weaknesses in quiet perspective.
    Lorah, dear Lorah, you’ll always remain a special princess in
    Your Father’s domain.

  3. Loooooooooraaah :)
    Shee is onee of my best frieends and shee does a pretty good job of doing it
    We havee shared some pretty awesoomee memoriees and i dnt knw wat i would do without yuu :)
    Im glaad yu came to england and i met yu
    I caant live without yuu in my lifeee :D
    Yoour amaziin and very talented and you will goo far in lifee and im haappy im gooin to bee part of it!1
    I waant us too old togeether and bee friends foreeveer and even if we go seperaatee ways i want to keep in contact and meet up occasionaally even if were married and havee kids or busy jobs makeee sure me make timee for eachoveer :)And wheen were old we should look afteer eachotheer and makee eachover laugh and smilee likee we doo now
    Im heeree for you if you ever want too talk to someeeonee :)
    Loveeeeeee yooou