Less is More... A Little Goes a Long Way

A little more on "Less is More" because I have found another simple key on my journey of decluttering... a little goes a long way!!! It's quite simple really, I am replacing some bad habits with some good ones by using the 10 minutes a day principle (I just made that principle up ha ha). I have been complaining (bad habit) about being out of shape for ages now so have decided just to do something about it. I have started exercising just 10 minutes a day and I can't believe how much difference it is making. My tummy is flatter already and my energy levels are on the rise. I feel so much better for taking this very small step and am inspired to find other good habits I want to develop by just taking 10 minutes a day to implement them :)

Other areas I thought this could be applied to could perhaps be taking time to develop stronger friendships, marriages or for special time with children - starting with investing just 10 minutes a day to build that relationship. Some people struggle with tithing, why not use the same principle in a different way? Take that first small step towards giving, even if it is not your full 10% yet, and build up towards a full tithe. Not everyone has the faith to start with 10% so start with 1% or 5%. Another area could be perhaps reading your Bible or just reading in general - start by taking 5 or 10 minutes a day to sit down to read. Soon you will be finding you can't get through the day without having your 10 minutes of reading. These are just some random examples I am sure there are loads more things you can apply this to.

You could also use "a little goes a long way" to break a bad habit. Take it one little day at a time and if you blow it one day don't beat yourself up over it just try again the next day! Thankfully with God's help we can do anything! His mercy is new every morning (Lamentations 3:23). The main thing is not to give up, keep trying every single day until every day is victorious.

So let's grow more beautiful as King's Daughters every day, one small step at a time because A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! As always, share your experiences in the comments box below, it would be great to hear your thoughts and ideas in this area. The photo above is when Eric used to read Jordan bedtime stories - how sweet (I am sure they are both going to love me for sharing this photo ha ha) xxx


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  1. Hey Angela, thanks for your comment, i will be updating my blog in a few minutes, so you can go and read about my facebook craving.. oh wait, facebook fast, that is. haha.

    im loving your blog, its so girly, and cute :) how did you find my blog?