Worship Album of the Year

I know we are only in April but I can't wait until the end of the year to declare this the worship album of the year!

The album extremely well produced, the songs well written with the music and vocals simply beautiful! You truly get closer to God by simply listening to this anointed worship album. Singing along is inevitable even though occasionally a word pops up that you may no be familiar with.

My children and I find this album extra special as we watched Watoto live at our church, heart their amazing stories and danced along to the song Heirs which we cannot listen to without dancing to now!

Get you digital copy on Amazon or iTunes and the only place I could find the CD was to buy directly from the team on tour.  Find there tour dates here.

Well done Watoto for being an inspiration to so many of us world wide.

Find out more about Watoto at www.watoto.com

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