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Girl's Night - A Resolution to Value Myself and Celebrate Others

This week at Girl's Night we had a really good look at our identity, insecurities and fears. We also chatted about how nasty women can be to each other and how this often stems from our identity, insecurities and fears. After a good heart to heart, we agreed to choose to see the best in each other, build each other up and support each other on our journey to finding our true self.


Intelligent Design 
Using an interesting analogy of interior decorating, we considered how our life may not have turned out as we planned based on a small detail that we have allowed to affect us.

Discussion questions:
  1. What are some minor incidents you’ve allowed to shape your self-image or self worth? 
  2. How has the decorating scheme of your life turned out differently than you would like as a result of that? 
  3. Read 1 Peter 2:9-10 and record that statements of value declared concerning you. Make a point of really studying and meditating on this Scripture, digging more deeply into the truths revealed. 

Supernatural Selection
We had a good look at how we are chosen by our God, set apart and appointed by Him.  This is a powerful position that we have that allows us to be secure in who we are and what we are meant to do here on planet earth.

Discussion questions:
  1. Choose at least one of the following verses to study and memorize: a. Eph. 2:10 – a declaration of your importance to God b. Jer. 1:5 – a confirmation of your selection by God c. 2 Cor. 3:5 – a verification of your sufficiency in God 
  2. Consider the things you may have failed to do because you felt ill equipped or unworthy to participate. Choose one of them to begin doing this week. 

Happy to Be You 
This is a wonderful section on celebrating who we are as well as celebrating what we see in others. Too often we take who we are for granted and are unable to appreciate our uniqueness or we simple don't see our special qualities and live completely blind to them.

Discussion questions:
  1. Record uniquenesses another person sees in you. Which of these surprise you? 
  2. Record how you can be more intentional about using and celebrating those characteristics. 
  3. How would the dynamics of your family, your office, or your relationships benefit from your doing this? 

The Affirmation Crusade
Take time to look back over your notes from this section. Consider what will be required for you to live authentically, as well as the freedom you’ll experience when you do. Additionally, think of some other women who, for whatever reason, you are hesitant to compliment. Make a point to commend them for their unique value and worth to you this week. Read the resolution out loud and sign your name below it.

You are welcome to join us at our Girl's Nights in Cheltenham or if you wish to set up your own group and study along with us where you are get a copy from Amazon and stay connected through and Facebook where we will post every study and chat in the comments boxes below each post.



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