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Girl's Night - A Resolution to be Content

Well I can't tell you how happy I was to see our first topic of discussion - A Resolution to be Content.  I long to be content! I have so much energy and passion which is great but it can also mean that I can't sit still for two minutes.  I perceive contentment as being something peaceful and beautiful and I crave it. So when I saw that the first resolution was a resolution to be content I was very pleased.

Tonight at Girl's Night we studies the four section of the A Resolution to be Content and it was really powerful.  One things that really struck me was that, and let me emphasise it.....

Contentment is not about how we feel but what we have decided to do. 
Choose to be content - it is your choice!

That is my take away from this evening, but let's get back to the beginning so I can share with you how I got to this conclusion.


Every Bite Counts
This section was about making every moment in our life count. Too often we don't live in the moment because we are yearning for the next moment, completely unappreciate the moment we are in or even dwell in the past.  It's all about making every moment count!

Discussion questions:
  1. What have you been hurrying through?
  2. What have you been hurrying to get to?
  3. What are some of the good parts of your experience that you’ve missed in your attempt to rush through the more difficult ones?
  4. What can you do differently today to “scrape the plate” – to gather up all the good things around you and begin enjoying the journey of your life?

One thing that really stood out was how much modern technology and social media can rob us of living in the moment.

The Secret
In this section we take a look at our needs and wants, all that the material and physical world offers us. Are we content with what we have? Do we trust that God will provide all our needs?

Discussion questions:
  1. A woman of contentment is aware of her needs and what God has already supplied to meet them. Begin your journey to contentment by making a list. Label one side “My Needs.” Label the other “God’s Provision.” Then match up your needs with the way God is currently meeting them. Place your list in a handy place for the times you are tempted to lean toward dissatisfaction.
  2. What might God be trying to grow in your character or cement in your relationship with Him by keeping you separated from some of the things you want but don’t yet have?

Overflowing Blessing
Ironically it seems that the more we have the less content we are.  In this section we are challenged to give out of lack and no necessary only out of our abundance. Luke 6:38 says, "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." We are also challenged to give of ourselves but also to find the balance and know when to say no.

Discussion questions:
  1. When you consider your level of willingness to give of yourself, does it reveal more contentment or discontentment residing in your heart? In what way?
  2. Based on God’s provisions that you listed at the end of the last chapter, what is one thing you could close this book and go do for someone else out of that resource?
  3. Record your thoughts regarding this statement: “Sometimes the best, most empowering word you can learn to utter is no.”

The Balancing Point
This chapters states that “by choosing contentment, you are not getting rid of your desires; you’re just demanding that they assume an appropriate, humble position in your life…it means you no longer allow your yearning and aspirations to control you, to rob you from you the full use of and gratitude for what you’ve currently been given, leaving you unable to enjoy this because He hasn’t seen fit to give you that.”

Discussion questions:
  1. Go back and reread your answers and comments from the questions in this section. Then read the resolution you are about to make. Pray about it. Sit with it a while. Rest in it. Even if you’re exhausted from life’s challenges and demands, make this a moment to breathe deep and savor what God is inviting you into, what He’s asking you to give and what He’s promising to supply you in order to do it. When you’re ready, make this resolution out loud, maybe even in the presence of someone who can help hold you accountable to it. Then sign your name below it.

Wow, what an amazing start to our journey together this year. It is a lot to digest but not to worry we have a full month to put this into practice before our next Girl's Night.

You are welcome to join us at our Girl's Nights in Cheltenham or if you wish to set up your own group and study along with us where you are get a copy from Amazon and stay connected through and Facebook where we will post every study and chat in the comments boxes below each post.



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