Daniel Fast - Odours, Tiredness and Pains

These are some of what can occur during a fast but don't be alarmed, it is only worse case scenario.  Many people don't go through all of this so don't worry.  This info is merely so that you understand what is happening in your body and that you don't become concerned if some of these symptoms present themselves.

Odours, tiredness, dizziness, headaches and other pains - these are some of the things that you will face during your fast.  As you continue to fast you body will begin to cleanse itself and eliminate toxins.  These toxins will come out of your body wherever they can which will mean that you might sweat more and your sweat will have a stronger smell than usual.  You breath will also be stronger than usual and so will you urine smell.  You may even get a funny taste in your mouth or feel that your tongue has a thick coat on it.  It sounds nasty, but for a while you will face unpleasant odours from your body, so brush well with a natural toothpaste (as you don't want to be putting toxins back into your body through your toothpaste) and use bicarbonate of soda as a deodorant and shoe deodoriser.  If have found that if you are a first time bicarbonate of soda user for your underarms it could sting so mix it with cornflour -  a good 50/50 mix will give you a gentle and natural deodorant that will absorb sweat and neutralise odours.

You could become very tired and feel emotionally low during your fast too - this is because your body is focusing all it's energy on getting these nasty toxins out of you.  Rest when you need to and don't give up your fast because when your energy returns it will be so much better than ever before.  Don't take on too much during a fast and do simple, enjoyable activities to keep your emotions stable.  This is the best time to pray too.

Aches and pains can also occur during a fast and that is also due to the toxins that are passing through your body.  You colon,liver and kidneys will be working very hard and this may cause some pain in your lower back or lower abdomen.  You could even develop flu like symptoms.  Drinking plenty of water will reduce the aches and pains - keep flushing your body with water.

Even though this sounds terribly negative remember that if you don't complete your fast then all these nasty toxins will remain and live in your body. Endure a few days of discomfort and reap the rewards at the end.   The discomfort usually doesn't last more than 5 -7 days but it all depends on how many toxins you allowed into your body before you started your fast.

Hang in there, happy fasting!

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