Being YOU

Being YOU
The most powerful thing that you have to offer the world is the authentic you.  You are indisputably original.   Understanding your value will unlock your potential and take you to places that you never dreamed possible.

Are you tired of the same old, same old? Are you yearning for more out of life? Feel you can do so much better than you are? The great news is that the answer is not to be found in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The answer is inside of YOU! Being You shows you exactly how you can begin your journey of self discovery and capitalise on your very own exclusive, unique brand – the authentic you! Get ready to turn your life around completely and live life the way you were meant to, simply by being you!

Find out:
  • How to discover the real you again – your passions, your talents, your purpose 
  • How to capitalise on your own unique brand – you - at work and in business 
  • How to use past failures as stepping stones to ultimate success 
  • How to live a more balanced life in today’s fast paced environment 
  • How to create your perfect home life
  • How to use your wardrobe effectively to highlight the authentic, unique you 

Plus a tailor made strategy to help you use all the keys you need to ensure you get the most out of life!

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Discovering YOU
Being YOU at Work and in Business
Being YOU Through Failure
Being YOU Through Success
Being a Balanced YOU
Being an Emotional YOU
Being YOU at Home
Being in YOUR Clothes
Being a Spiritual YOU
Introducing the New YOU

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  1. Laura Haworth11.5.13

    Please never stop writing, I am very excited for this next addition


    1. You are a gem, thank you for your kind encouragement! I hope to see you at the conference :) Have you booked your ticket yet? If you haven’t, you can get your ticket here: www.kingsdaughtersconference.eventbrite.co.uk.
      I am launching this book at the conference and speaking on “Being YOU”! Very exciting. xxx