What We Love About Lorah

Today is my lovely daughter's 22nd birthday and I am as proud as proud can be of her!  She is so wonderful in so many ways, but don't take my word for it, read what those nearest and dearest to her have to say about "What We Love About Lorah"!  This post is to honour you Lorah, have a wonderful birthday. xxx

Happy Birthday Lorah-Kelly

"Lorah is my beautiful, wonderful wife. She is always in a cheery mood and is the kindest and most considerate person I know.  She is always putting the needs of others before hers and is always happy to do so. Lorah is an amazing and talented photographer, a beautiful singer, she makes the best cakes, and is the best wife anyone could wish for."  - Samuel Beard, Lorah's husband

"What I love about Lorah is she is kind and gentle, listens well and is really knows how her photography can capture the special moments in her clients lives."  - Carole Stacey, Lorah's Business friend.

"I love that Lorah is unique and doesn't try to conform!  She just is.  Lorah is Lorah and makes no apologies about it.  I learned to be myself and love myself by watching her through her teenage years. Lorah is an exceptional woman in so many ways."  - Angela De Souza, Lorah's mommy x

"Lorah is kind, generous and gentle. My favorite thing about her is that she is free and that's something I have always admired about her for. She is spirit led and so blessed by God. Her meekness makes her so powerful. She is one of the few people that inspires me to be better. I love her" - Tamara Gatier, Lorah's friend

"I love Lorah when she is singing and when she comes over to bake cakes with us.  I love it when she visits us and she invited us over for a sleep over.  And I really love it when she is being herself."  - Daniel De Souza, Lorah's little brother.

"Lorah is so teachable and she also has a beautiful heart for God."  - Eric De Souza, Lorah's Pastor and step Dad

"I love it when we decorate the tent together with her and watch movies together with her.  " - Amy Leigh De Souza, Lorah's little sister

"Lorah I see you as this serene, wise woman full of gusto, so determined to do the right thing in all aspects of life.  Happy Birthday to you!!  I wish you all the success.  Lots of Love xxxxx"  - Debora De Souza, Lorah's aunty
"Lorah is very natural and has a sweet personality, which comes across in hervwork as a photographer. I am very happy to know her and wish her a wonderful and very sunny Birthday."  Karin Whittaker, Lorah's business friend.

Find out more about lovely Lorah on her own blog www.lorahkelly.co.uk and if you haven't left a comment for Lorah yet, please do so below.


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