D7 Men - Real Men Still Exist

I am bowled over by the quality of the men we have in our church.  My wonderful husband, Eric, has been running D7 Men for two years and the results are astounding.  D7 Men are high calibre Godly men who have courage and strength.  They face every day challenges like any other man but they don't shrink back.  Together, they are overcoming addictions, bad habits and other life difficulties.  Accountability and the direct application of the Bible to their lives are the keys to their success.  D7 Men refuse to accept things the way they are. 

D7 Men will be serving King's Daughters at our upcoming conference - girls you are in for a treat.  You will have the finest men in all of England tending to your every need.  They will make you feel like the princess that you are. And if that isn't enough, the super amazing D7 Men are putting their hands deep into their pockets and sponsoring some of the ladies who can't afford to attend the conference.  Isn't that incredible!  We truly are blessed women to have such fine men taking good care of us.  Here are some of the D7 Men in Cheltenham handing out conference flyers to the lovely ladies passing by.

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If you haven't already bought your ticket to the King's Daughters Conference please do so NOW. Ticket options here.

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