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Using a toner is an extra step in your skin care regime that will tighten up your pores and improve the texture of your skin.  A toner can also delay natural sagging of your skin which will keep you looking younger for longer.  Sadly, most chemical toners will cause harmful substances to build up in your skin which will damage your skin and cause premature ageing.  Most toners contain alcohol amongst other harmful ingredients.
Using a toner will bring your skin's PH level back to normal, remove the leftover traces of dirt and make-up and will absorb the excess oil from the surface of your skin.  

Nature’s Way Alternatives

It’s so simple that you might have overlooked this one.  A splash of cool water onto your face is a great basic toner.  If the water is too cold it can constrict the blood flow, and can lead to burst capillaries.  Also, water that is too cold makes your face blotchy and irritated. It’s best to use slightly warm water to wash and slightly cooler water to rinse as a mild toner.  Of course this won’t remove any traces of make-up and doesn’t offer any PH balance so why not use a dash of rose water or even some homemade mint water.  I have also heard that Apple Cider Vinegar does wonders as a toner.  The most important thing is to experiment as everyone’s skin is different and will respond differently.

  • Healthy skin
  • Remove traces of dirt
  • Balance your skins PH level
  • Tighten your skin
  • Return your pores to their natural size
  • Save lots of money
  • No harmful chemicals

  • Never apply toner to dirty skin


Ingredients:        Mint

Method:    Pour hot water over fresh mint leaves or a mint tea bag in a coffee cup.  Leave for ten minutes.  Strain and cool.  Apply to your face and neck using cotton pads.

More toner recipes:
There are many other simple ways to tone your skin using natural ingredients, here are some examples:

Rose Water
Rosewater is a rich composition which enhances the skins natural healing properties. It can be used to soothe irritations and reduce swelling and blemishes.  Rosewater is an excellent daily skin toner.

  • Sprits your face with rose water or use cotton pads to wipe the rose water over your face.

Cucumber and Yogurt
  • Take 1 small peeled cucumber and place it in a blender until it becomes a thick liquid paste.
  • Add ½ cup plain white yogurt
  • Mix together and apply to your face and neck.
  • Leave for 5-10 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water and then rinse with cooler water to close skin pores.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar comes from fermented apples and is full of vitamins and minerals that help restore skin's pH balance.  It also has antibacterial properties to fight skin infection and cleanse.
  • Dilute one part apple cider vinegar in eight parts water.
  • Apply to your skin and leave on from ten minutes and up to 1 hour depending on skin sensitivity.  

Now it's your turn.
If you have any toner tips that work well, please share them with us.  Find out more about Nature's Way here.


  1. I love these natural toners. My daughter is constantly dealing with acne. I'm hoping the Apple Cider Vinegar toner will help her! I'm just getting caught up from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop. I'm following you on Facebook. Hope to see you at next week's Blog Hop!

    1. Angela8.7.12

      Hi Esther, it's lovely to hear from you. Let me know how the vinegar works for your daughter. See you at next week's Blog Hop :) xxx