Guard Your Heart

The past week has been challenging!  I feel like the devil has been doing his best work to discourage me.  I guess it is his job to steal, kill and destroy and he seems to take his job very seriously too!  The King's Daughters Conference is only 45 days away and all hell has broken loose in my little world.  From past experience I have learnt that the bigger the attack the bigger the fruit and I am convinced that this year's conference is going to be bearing some pretty big fruit.  My prayer is that you are one of the blessed recipients of what God has planned for this event and that there will be much fruit in your life.  This past Sunday I preached about the importance of guarding our hearts and I used one of my struggles as an illustration.  I hope that my words are an encouragement to you as you face opposition in what God has called you to do.  Listen to the message here and then remind yourself not to worry, just as I had to :) xxx

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