God Said:

Dear Father God,

I am so sorry to cause you pain
I didn't mean to let you down again
I hoped to be more than this and to glorify your name

No matter how hard I try and do
No matter how I let go and rest in You
No matter how I strive, I can't seem to push through

You are God, amazing, awesome
You are truly the strong and mighty one
You rescued me, saved me through your precious Son

Please forgive me this day
Please show me how to live Your way
Please lead me and help me not to go astray

God said, "My precious child

You please me more than you know
I will never, ever let you go
In the good times and the bad
I will always be your loving dad

Never will I give up on you
I know you are going to pull through
Stay strong my little doe
Hold on tight, don't let Me go

I promise we will stay together
each day, now and forever
I love you with all my heart
I always did, right from the start

Now get up, dust off and try again
Today was hard but not in vain
My mercy is new every morning
I am faithful in everything

Arise now and shine
Leave the past behind
I love you, I feel your pain
Carry on and  try again

I will show you the way
Trust me night and day
My word is a lamp to your feet
Daily of it you must eat

I love you my precious one
You are forgiven, it is done."

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