To Honour You My Friend

Dear Michelle,

You were there at the start of my new found joy
My friend with a purpose
You were there when I cried over some silly boy
My friend who cares

You were there when I met the love of my life
My friend who understands
You were when we vowed to be husband and wife
My friend who shares

You were there when I moved so far away
My friend over distance
You're always there for every birthday
My friend who remembers

You were there at birth of our baby ministry
My friend in destiny
You were there in snow when things failed terribly
My friend in Decembers

My friend with purpose, who cares.
My friend who understands and shares.
My friend over distance who remembers.
My friend in destiny and snowy Decembers.

Thank you my friend, for who you are and what you do.
My life is enriched all because of you.



  1. Jaylene17.6.11


  2. Jackie17.6.11

    That is so heartfelt and special. Thanks for sharing! x

  3. Mishy b17.6.11

    what an honour each day to call you my friend. Love you,
    Mishy b

  4. Jenni Lipsys19.6.11

    You really are a special sister. Even though we are separated by distance that doesn't affect the closeness of our relationship. Your sunny outlook on life is infectious, your generosity is amazing and your regular updates keeps me in the loop of what's going on in your world. I really admire how you initiate communication with family (and I'm sure there's others too) to "touch base". You are God's blessing to me and many others. Lotsa love, Jen xoxo