Hope's Journey STUDY GUIDE

Although this study guide delves into depression and self harming it is not exclusively for this area of life. Applying the principles herein will lead you from where you are now, no matter where that might be, to an even better life! If you are struggling to find meaning to your life or purpose, Hope's Journey Study Guide will help you find your way to a brighter, more meaningful future.
  My dear friend, Cheryn Bloom, has worked hard to take my idea for a study guide and turn it into a fantastic practical tool. Not only will this guide help you if you are trapped in depression but it will also help you if you want a better life in general.  If there is any area in your life that needs HOPE then this Study Guide will help you find it.  

Here is a message from Cheryn about this book:
"I think that in a lot of cases people who are struggling with issues or are desperately seeking help need more than just a book filled with words from beginning to end telling them what to do and what not to do. Hence, the interactive nature of this study guide – each individual is unique and no two problems will be the same. We’ve therefore allowed for each person to go on their very own ‘journey of hope’, by writing the book with us, so to speak, by filling in the issues that apply to their own lives, so that by the time they reach the end of the book, they have explored their own individual circumstances, and the end result is a book tailor made just for them, filled with questions and suggestive solutions applicable to their own circumstances. Hope’s Journey Study Guide is designed to give people hope not only for the duration of the book, which is often the case, but beyond that! By trying out solutions that worked for Angela, and by exploring solutions that may work for them, this gives the reader a blueprint for their own lives. From experience, I can say that when you feel really low and are looking for a way forward, sometimes the simplicity of ‘filling in the gaps’ is so much easier than facing a never ending sea of words and not knowing what to do with them when you’ve finished the book.

To simplify things even further, at the end of the book is the reader’s very own ' Journey of Hope' which condenses all the questions and answers the reader would have gone through in the book and provides a 'master plan' for the reader - a step by step guide (which they will need to fill in themselves) for them to follow once they've read the book. There's nothing worse than putting down a great book and then your problems come crashing back down on you and you have no idea how to start applying everything you read to your life. ‘Ok, so she found her happy ending so it’s easy for her to talk, but I'm still in a pit of thorns!’ will be the attitude of many. This ‘Journey of Hope’ will have each reader’s problems and suggestive solutions in black and white in front of them, and will be a life line for many.

Having been through some dark times myself, the only thing that kept me going was that magic word – HOPE. This guide is a simple, yet powerful tool that will bless many individuals. No matter what situation you are in, even if you feel you don’t have the strength to hold onto anything in your life, just hold onto HOPE, it will be your key to freedom."

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  1. This may come across as biased but I do recommend that you give this study guide a go if you are going through struggles of any sort in your life. By exploring the issues Angela faced in the past and these include suicide, depression, self harming, heartbreak, to mention a few; you can compare her struggles with yours and try the solutions she tried in order to turn your life around. We all know that God has a plan for our lives, if we choose to follow it, but did you know that the devil has a plan for your life too? And he will do everything in his power to try and make it come to pass, to rob you of all the joy God has for you. The power is in your hands to take the first step towards living a victorious life filled with hope and not despair. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving this book a try and my prayer is that it blesses many people out there. It's not going to be an easy journey, but you will have God on your side (and if God is for us, who can be against us!), and the end result will be worth it!