Secure on the Rock at 15 Years Old

I am so proud of my amazing 15 year old daughter, Jordan!  Yesterday she preached for the first time, she shared her story of how her search for paternal love lead her to security in God's love.  She gave my book, Secure on the Rock, a good plug and then allowed me to preach a little bit too :)  It was such a special day where my wonderful daughter and I were able to tell others of the incredible love that God has for them.  Jordan did a great job and I am sure there will be many more sermons to come from her, have a listen here to Sunday's message.

Secure on the Rock has been selling really well, if you haven't already got a copy you can still get one on Amazon or on my FaceBook Shop.

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  1. She did so well! Im super proud of my little sister :) xxx