Becoming You

I would like to introduce one of our King's Daughters Conference speakers to you - she is so lovely, you are just going to love hearing from her!  Her name is Anna and she writes (and speaks) about the stuff that is important to us women in her book "Becoming You".
Most of us want to find some reason for being alive. "Becoming You" considers what would happen if we went to God for the answer. What it would mean if God was the someone who had created us, that he did so with a purpose, and that we could find out what that purpose was from him. Part book, part workbook, Anna shares her experiences of seeking God to find out who she was made to be and what her life is for. Like a makeover, it opens with the 'before', as the reader considers the way that she sees herself and ends with the 'after' as she looks at her real self - the woman she is becoming. Ideal for any woman searching for the meaning of life, "Becoming You" looks at the ways in which seeking God can help you to discover the real you, the person you were made to be. 

I can't wait to hear what she has to say to us at our conference, in the meantime I highly recommend reading her book which is available on her website www.annasymonds.com and on Amazon.

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