Jesus Birthday

This morning I was chatting to Jesus and found myself asking Him what He would like for His birthday this year.

"Jesus, what can I do to make You  happy, what would you like for Your birthday this year?"

My prayer was a simple one but I wanted to share it with you so that you can perhaps tell me what you think.  Please pray this prayer with me and ask Jesus what He wants for Christmas this year and share with me what you think He wants. I am so excited to see what we come up with together, I really think this Christmas is going to be the most special one ever, as we thoughtfully plan for Jesus birthday. 

I wrote a song not so long ago along similar lines, just expressing my desire to please Jesus, have a listen - it's called Smile.


  1. Where is the LINE to see Jesus? He is the reason for the season!

    worth checking out this video!!!

  2. Anonymous2.12.10

    Wow what a beautiful song!