WWC - Turn Off the Computer

I can't tell you how many times a week I complain that I have so little time to do anything!  At the same time I can tell you how many hours a week I spend on the computer.  Everything I do seems to revolve around the computer, I can't imagine not turning it on for a day.   I tacked the whole FaceBook Addiction thing a while ago but still there are so many other things I need to do that involve this little box sitting on my lap right now.  I have noticed too that the little details that I used to manage in our marriage have slipped away.  Neither Eric or I take time to set the table beautifully for a romantic dinner.  I don't make his favourite desert much and I know there are loads of other little details that I simply don't get around to any more.

May I say, that if your husband comes home from work and is greeted by the back of your head, as you are busy on the computer - he is not pleased. There is not a man alive that wouldn't love to come home to a clean house, the smell of food cooking and a happy wife to give him a big sloppy kiss.  When Eric worked away from home my whole day revolved around his arrival home in the evening.  Kids were bathed, the house was clean and dinner was ready.  On a really good day I even managed to have a shower and get dressed nicely.   Of course I had bad days too when I got it all wrong, but on the whole I aimed for the good day plan.  A man LOVE's to be the king of his castle and I can assure you that if he is greeted by you on the computer he is not pleased.

I would like to take the last Wonderful Wife Challenge, of starting with the small things, one step further.   Let's have a computer budget so that the rest of our time is computer free.  I have taken a realistic look at what I HAVE to do on the computer each week, then I have added a little extra for things I want to do - like writing this blog.  I have set a budget to the numbers of hours I will spend on the computer so that the computer doesn't control my life!  Some days I may not even turn it on.  It is too tempting just to quickly check emails or FaceBook if it's left on, so I will get my work done and then TURN IT OFF!  It's a trap and if you are not careful you won't even realise that you have fallen into it.  How many hours a week do you spend on the computer?  Have a careful tally up and be honest with yourself. 

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