Spot the Mistakes

This week has been full of family news & you are getting a live account! It has been very eventful week for us! Today is Lorah's 19th birthday which started with a nice pancake breakfast only a few minutes ago :) Keeping the facts in mind that it is Lorah's birthday, what mistakes can you spot in the photo? More news to follow soon as the birthday adventures continue.


  1. Christmas Presents??
    Lorah looks only a year old! (And the amount of candles (On the PANCAKES?) Proves that :P

  2. Anonymous4.9.10

    Yay Sam got it! The gift wrap is Christmas, Amy is blowing out Lorah's candle so it looks like Amy's birthday and of course there is only one candle on the pancakes.
    Despite all the mistakes it was a FUN start to Lorah's birthday :)

  3. It was the BEST start to my amazing day :D And the pancakes were delicious! ;) x

  4. Anonymous3.10.10

    Now let me see …. The strawberries are the same colour as Lorah’s top, which must indicate something if I could only think what. There are three spoons in three bowls which just has to be significant. Of course, the warning on the shopping bag means it must be Christmas but I can’t see any Christmas decs or tree …. Mmmmm, nothing is ever easy is it ! Ok I give in but I do hope you had a great day Lorah :)