Hope, Secure, Passion & Giants

It is with great vulnerability, fear & conviction that I am going to slowly start releasing my books on this Blog. I will begin with releasing chapter previews of each of my books that I have written & not been brave enough to publish.

God has done such amazing things in my life, He has take me from a place of darkness and filth and showed me His ways. As much as I am embarrassed about where I have come from I would be even more embarrassed if I didn't share what He has done in my life.

Your comments and feedback are valuable to me as I will edit and mould my books according to your comments. If you have stories to share that will benefit other readers then please feel free to share them.

My only motivation is to bring hope to the lost and dying world that we live in. Please join me on this new journey, perhaps together, we as King's Daughters can make a difference in this world.


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  1. Anonymous11.9.10

    Don't be embarassed at all! You have so much to share and give to others through it. And you are a brilliant communicator :) I'm looking forward to reading your story. Love Jenn xx